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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In What Areas Do You Buy?

Check out our 'Where We Buy' Map to see what areas of New Jersey we buy in. But, in short, we purchase in Essex, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Union, Somerset and Middlesex counties.

Do You Charge Any Fees Or Commissions?

Definitely Not. We don't charge fees or a commission of any kind. Selling to us won't cost you a dime.

Are You Listing My Property?
How Do You Come Up With An Offer Price?

No. Although we are licensed Realtors, we are operating as Investors under 'STEP Buys Houses LLC' and are therefore looking to BUY your house. Not list it.

We analyze the local market to see what houses are selling for. We also look at how much repairing/updating the house will cost. We add in a reasonable profit and look to come up with an offer that's fair to all parties involved.

Is There Any Obligation When I Submit My Info?

Not At All. You are not obligated to sell to us. However, WE are obligated to give YOU A+ service and a fantastic experience in dealing with us.

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